Advocates for good governance and ethical leaders in the Philippines.

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“If bad people in our government can join forces to wreak havoc in our country,

then why can’t the good people join forces as well and promote good governance in our country?”

- Harvey Keh, Lead Convenor, Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership

Kaya Natin Calendar June 2017

Watch out for these important dates!


June 3    |  Team building and awarding ceremonies for the Kabalikat Youth Program

June 3    |  Educational Discussion on Martial Law w/ Atty. Florin Hilbay at UP Bahay ng Alumni

June 5    |  Deadline of donations for Batch 1 of the Marawi Relief Drive

June 10  |  Kaya Natin Leadership and Community Development Seminar for FEU-Manila NSTP

June 12  |  Defending Democracy Summit at UP Diliman School of Economics

June 15  |  Kaya Natin Leadership and Community Development Seminar for FEU-Makati NSTP

Program Updates

Lead Like Jesse Youth Dev't Program

Leadership training for student leaders all over the country

Bring the program to your school today!

Inquire at

Leaders for Excellence and Public Service

Leadership Development Program in partnership with San Miguel Corporation, open to Mayors

Module 3: Jul 13-14, 2017

Sonia R. Lorenzo Awards

Award-giving body for effective, empowering, ethical women leaders in public service


July 8, 2017

Good Governance Caravan

Meet our Kaya Natin Champions in person and learn more about the Kaya Natin advocacy & leadership brand!

Ask how you can bring the caravan to your school and community:

Project: TuLay

Kabalikat Clinic in Brgy. Muzon, San Jose del Monte Bulacan

FNF - KN - UP-NCPAG: School of Leadership Governance

Module 1 starts on May 4-5. Congratulations to the selected applicants!