2nd Sonia R. Lorenzo  Award for Women in Leadership and                                              Good Governance

The Legacy of Sonia R. Lorenzo

The late Sonia R. Lorenzo was a former mayor of San Isidro, Nueva Ecija known for her exemplary and ethical leadership. From an impoverished fifth class municipality to a budding second class town, San Isidro has been transformed under the leadership of Mayor Lorenzo. She was able to increase municipal revenue from a mere P2.8 million to P18- 20 million annually. She has also implemented various reforms and programs in order to establish better lives for her people.

She showed her dedication in fighting corruption when she turned down a P10 million appropriation of PDAF from a senator last 2010 when she noticed that the transaction was irregular and doubtful.

Last July 18, 2014, she died of cancer but her legacy lives on.


This clip was taken from Children of Light Foundation International, Inc.

About the Award


In commemoration of the 1st death anniversary of the late Sonia R. Lorenzo, the University of Santo Tomas and Kaya Natin Movement, launched the 1st Sonia R. Lorenzo Award for Women in Leadership and Good Governance last July 20, 2016. This is an award recognizing women leaders in the local government who exemplify effective, empowering, and ethical leadership, similar to the values and principles of the late Sonia R. Lorenzo. 

This 2017, nominations and applications for the 2nd Sonia R. Lorenzo Award are open to all incumbent female Mayors who had at least three (3) years of public service experience in an elected office. She must not have been convicted of any administrative of criminal case. 

In line with the ideals of competence, compassion, and commitment to the service of the Church, the nation, and the global community, the criteria of the SRL Award is the following:


Leadership Experience                        25%

Community Service                             25%

Good Governance Promotion             25%

Women Empowerment                       25%



Applications and nominations for the Award are accepted until

July 28, 2017.

Download Application Form Here:
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