Leadership Development: Effective, Ethical, Empowering

Kaya Natin promotes effective, ethical, and empowering leadership in the Philippines. It is a leadership sanctuary for officials in government who practice these 3-Es, and who are matino, mahusay, at may puso. Kaya Natin also conducts trainings for leaders everywhere to improve and excel in their craft.

Good Governance: Sharing the Advocacy

Kaya Natin aims to create a culture in our society which upholds the ideals of justice and freedom by teaching citizens the principles of ethical leadership and empowered participation in government. It also aims to share the good governance advocacy to others.

Partnerships for Nation-Building: A United Vision

Kaya Natin believes that citizens also have to do their part in making sure that basic services are delivered to all. Good governance means that the government and its institutions work for the public good through the collective action of the people. In this sense, Kaya Natin strives to connect engaged citizens and partner institutions to bridge gaps in our society.