What is Kaya Natin?

Kaya Natin is a non-profit and non-government organization that promotes good governance and ethical leadership in the Philippines.


It creates opportunities for good governance to flourish through undertaking programs that a) hone ethical, effective, and empowering leadership, and b) engage citizens to take action towards unity and progress in our country.


Kaya Natin was founded on the ideal of connecting good people, good leaders, and good institutions to work together and find strength in each other to build a just, free, and participative society. 


Kaya Natin, in English, means "we can do it"; because together, there is no dream or goal we cannot achieve.


Kaya Natin!

Our Vision


A Philippines led by effective, ethical and empowering leaders in partnership with an enlightened and engaged citizenry.

Our Mission

  1. Serve as a sanctuary for effective, ethical and empowering leaders with courage, dignity and integrity.
  2. Promote transparency, accountability, people’s participation and electoral reforms.
  3. Facilitate in the translation of good governance and ethical leadership into the delivery of basic services to the community.
  4. Create venues and establish innovative programs to educate and enable citizenry to actively participate in good governance.