Statement of Kaya Natin! Movement on the cyber libel case verdict vs Rappler CEO Maria Ressa et al



Kaya Natin! Movement strongly condemns the conviction of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa and former researcher Rey Santos, Jr. The verdict affects not only the free press, but every Filipino committed to the pursuit of the truth.


Together with recent questionable actions the administration has pursued, such as the forced shutdown of ABS-CBN Corp. and the railroading of the proposed Anti-Terror Act of 2020, the decision is yet another blatant weaponization of the law to bully and silence not only the free press, but all citizens who voice out criticisms against the government.


We stand with Maria Ressa, Rey Santos Jr., and other well-meaning media organizations in fighting for the truth. This administration and its allies should instead go after purveyors of fake news that have continued to pollute the minds of Filipinos, especially as we face the COVID-19 pandemic, and stop intimidating individuals who commit themselves to delivering reliable information to the public.


Let us not be afraid to speak truth to power. This is the time that all Filipinos should stand united against those who wish to silence us.