Statement of Kaya Natin! Movement in Support of COA

Kaya Natin! Movement commends the Commission on Audit for standing its ground despite the attacks and criticisms hurled against their findings on several national government agencies. As state auditors, they fulfilled their constitutional mandate to examine, audit, and settle all accounts and expenditures of the funds and properties of the Philippine government to ensure accountability for public resources, promote transparency and improve government operations for the benefit of the Filipino people. 


Rather than ridiculing, censuring, and criticizing its findings, the COA should be given due respect and encouragement by all branches of government and our leaders, including our President, for doing its constitutionally and legally mandated work. No one, not even the President, is above the Philippine Constitution. In fact, as the leader of the nation, the President should be our Constitution’s staunchest defender.


The COA noted various deficiencies in several government agencies and provided them the opportunity to explain, justify, and account for these. At this point of the audit, the auditors stated that no funds were lost to corruption. Unfortunately, if unchecked, these deficiencies could lead to corruption. 


The COA findings are part of the process of ensuring transparency and accountability. To make public servants accountable to the people they serve is only fitting. However, it most definitely does not warrant destroying the institution and its work.