Kaya Natin and CEMEX for KYLA-KICS

Kaya Natin Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership, Inc. and Cemex Holding Philippines partnered to bring “Kaya Natin Youth Leadership Academy: Know, Innovate, Create, Start” in the provinces of Nueva Ecija and Nueva Viscaya last September 1-2, 2017.


“Kaya Natin Youth Leadership Academy: Know, Innovate, Create, Start” or KYLA-KICS is a two day training program for young leaders from different universities, local government units or colleges that aims and inspires youth to take part in the creation of a good government by learning necessary knowledge, skills, abilities of an ethical, effective, and empowered leader.



Four universities from Nueva Viscaya and five universities from Nueva Ecija send their chosen representatives for the program which was held at the Philippine Carabao Center, Science City of Munoz in Nueva Ecija. A total of 62 participants attended and completed the two-day training where they were taught about personal leadership, reflection of experiences, difference of character and personality, and good governance. They also joined team building activities led by Kaya Natin facilitators. At the end of the training, young leaders were given certificates as a proof of their participation.