Spirit of EDSA very much alive at Kaya Natin Breakfast Kwentuhan

by Stephen Espiritu

The 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution is regarded as one of the pivotal points of Philippine History. Those who were a part of EDSA surmounted the seemingly impossible--to overthrow a tyrant and uphold the dignity of Filipinos. An event of this magnitude must never be forgotten.


As such, this was the cause of Kaya Natin’s Breakfast Kwentuhan, which was to remember EDSA and discuss its relevance to unity and nation building. KN’s Breakfast Kwentuhan was held on February. 25, 2017 at Club Filipino, which was attended friends from the media, academe, and young leaders all over the country. Dialogues were held in every table, with every person sharing his or her experiences of EDSA. Although there were some who were unable to recount and share their experiences since they were either too young to be part of the People Power or were not born yet; the stories from those who shared were able to help the young leaders understand EDSA better.


KN’s Breakfast Kwentuhan served as the bridge between the generations of those who were a part of EDSA and the aspiring leaders of tomorrow. The duty of remembering EDSA and promoting peace has been shared with the young leaders, which ensures that nothing shall ever be forgotten.