Kwentuhan Kapayapaan, a successful enabler for peace in the Philippines

by Stephen Espiritu

Peace-building processes continue to be integral in various parts of the Philippines in order to make way for the stability of the country. As such, Kaya Natin, in partnership with Forum ZFD and Cong. Sitti Hataman, presented Kwentuhan Kapayapaan – Building Our Culture of Peace, which was held on December 2, 2016 at QCX, QC Memorial Circle in order to shed light on what are the peace processes in Mindanao and how these peace processes are carried out.


Youth representatives from all over the country attended and engaged in the talks and activities held during Kwentuhan Kapayapaan. These peace matters and processes were shown through film showings, narratives, and cultural presentations. Discussions, headed by peace leaders, were also held on peace matters all over the country.


Kwentuhan Kapayapaan successfully inspired and instilled the youth representatives with the belief that everyone has a role to play in the cultivation of peace in the country, no matter how simple or complicated one’s role is.