Kaya Natin conducts Educational Discussions in Manila and Pampanga

by Stephen Espiritu

Never Again. Although the NGO’s, School representatives, and the civil society representatives were not asked to spell this phrase in the Martial Law Educational Discussion; former Solicitor General, Atty. Florin Hilbay, expanded their knowledge on Martial Law through his expertise in the constitution.


Discussions were organized in Bahay ng Alumni at UP-Diliman on May 24, 2017 and in TPKI Pampanga on June 18, 2017, which focused on Martial Law in general and on specific concepts such as constitutional checks, people’s initiative, freedom of information, and the convening of congress.


This Martial Law Educational Discussion imparted relevant knowledge to those who attended knowledge on the matter and ensured that it will never be a phrase lacking of conviction and context whenever one of the attendees would say, “Never Again!”