Araw ng Pag(b)asa 2016: "Nasa Pagbasa ang Pag-asa"

Kaya Natin invites you to join us in giving hope to children through the Araw ng Pagbasa, Araw ng Pag-asa 2016 celebrated every November 27 of the year. 


Araw ng Pag(b)asa act is a reading advocacy program enacted into law through the efforts of our KN Champion Rep. Bolet Banal of the 3rd District of Quezon City. The reading day was inspired by the life of Senator Ninoy Aquino who was born on November 27. During his exile, reading the Bible, books, and letters from his family gave him hope in the darkest of days.


Araw ng Pag(b)asa hopes to share the same hope to young children by reading inspiring stories of overcoming challenges through hard work and optimism. 


Every year, Kaya Natin partners with the Office of Rep. Banal by observing the celebration in our KN Champion areas, as well as volunteer KN Youth groups. 


This year, we are encouraging every adult to pick up a book full of hope and read it to their children, family, neighbors, and community. Should you be interested to participate, you may know more about Araw ng Pagbasa and what you can read for kids here. 


If you are interested to volunteer your office, organization or group to find a community near you and read stories of hope, please register through this link.


Show your support for the activity by posting a picture of you reading, or the book you read in social media using the hashtags #IstoryangPagasa #ArawngPagbasa #KayaNatinPH


For more information, feel free to contact Sarah at [email protected] or (02)256-1446.