The Next Chapter in Good Governance: Healing and Unity

by Mika Ituriaga

As the new president and vice-president of the Philippine Republic has been inaugurated, it is now time for the people to unite as a nation. As Vice President Leni Robredo puts it,“Aspire as a people, as a nation.”  It is now the time for rapprochement and peace. Filipinos must join hands in moving our country towards a better direction.



During the election period, political battles and partisan differences created a division among us Filipinos. There are different parties with different agendas, issues and beliefs. Candidates also have their own concerns and priorities which created conflicting ideas. There were fights between the supporters of each candidates--they attack each other on social media sites which involve disparaging comments. Moreover, conversations between them often include cussing and name-calling.


But as the political battle ends, the division among us must also be put to an end. We must show that we Filipinos are capable of accepting and embracing each other's differences to be able to achieve collective progress.


The success of the new administration is parallel to the success of the Philippines as a nation. The change that we are expecting can only come when our leaders have the cooperation and support of all Filipinos. Thus, the change that we seek should start from each of us. We need to rise above and heal the wounds caused by the  divisive election, to help our country attain stability. We must set aside partisanship and political differences to help the new leaders make the Philippines a great nation. As we welcome a new administration and a new brand of leadership, we can only hope that the Filipinos will join hands in moving this nation towards a better future.