Why you need to fight for good governance, netizen

Our country's history has been paved greatly by wars, as well as revolutions for independence from colonial masters and dictators. This means that the fight for good governance and ethical leadership traces back to that very first day Magellan betrayed Lapu-Lapu, and moves on to the unfair execution of Jose Rizal; the cold-hearted mandate of the Treaty of Paris; the bombing of Manila; the murder of Ninoy Aquino; and other injustices we have experienced because of a sick system of government. 


Today however, we live in a very different society than we did before. And because of that, some may say fighting for good governance isn't as pressing as it once was. Indeed, we pretty much are able to enjoy all the liberties available in the free world, and some may even say life is okay. But is it really? We are basically a globalized community stuck in a developing country. We cannot reach our country's full potential because we are still enslaved by the most enduring master of all: corruption. It endures because it is an abstract concept, free of more physical institutions and dictators we can overthrow. 


So how does one defeat an intangible thing? Easy. Create an army that will fight against it--and that's where Kaya Natin now comes in. We promote good governance and leadership with integrity because we are against corrupt practices in government, and we dream of a better life for every Filipino. In an age where words and ideas have the strongest impact in our community, our voice and our commitment to this cause is the best thing we can offer to achieve our goal.


That's why we need your help, netizen. If you want to push for more effective leaders in government, speak with us. If you want to fight for the proper facilitation of our democratic processes, join us. United, we can make our message louder until it drowns out the ideals we are against. Don't keep quiet. Don't be ok with "ok". Fight. Start by being a Kaya Natin warrior. Sign up today: http://goo.gl/forms/7i3KwZPkuOJ9XWwK2